Dog Bite Injury: What To Do

Last year, nearly 5 million dog bites injuries occured in the United States. While most of these cases went unreported, it is essential to speak to a personal injury attorney if you are bitten by a dog to prevent further issues. Dog bite injuries can accumulate lots of medical bills due to the pain and infections they cause. At Franks & Rechenberg, P.C., our personal injury lawyers are here to represent you while you recover from your injury.


In the state of Illinois, the dog owner is generally responsible for paying damages if their dog is negligent. Illinois does not have the “one bite free” rule – which is described as a dog being provoked leading to them biting a potential threat, and makes the owner liable in any case. In addition to this, the dog owner may be considered negligent if they failed to take proper care of their dog, leading to the dog exhibiting signs of viciousness.

What You Can Do

Following a dog bite injury, it is crucial for your safety to get in contact with the owner to ensure the dog has the proper vaccines. If the dog is unvaccinated, the probability of the dog having rabies is high. Contact the local law enforcement to file a report and seek medical attention immediately. Lastly, it is essential to receive the compensation you deserve following a dog bite injury. Consult with us at Franks & Rechenberg, P.C. to receive the justice and funds you are entitled to.

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