Common Types of Personal Injury Cases Explained

Accidents happen: the type of accident you can experience due to someone else’s inattentive, harmful actions is referred to as personal injury. There are a variety of situations that are considered to fall under personal injury. You should recognize when you fall victim to a personal injury, so you are able to receive the protection and benefits you deserve. 

Here are some common kinds of personal injury cases that you could experience:

  • Car accidents are responsible for most personal injury cases in the United States. The driver who caused the accident is usually held responsible for the finances of any injuries they caused the other driver(s). 
  • Slip and fall cases are also responsible for many personal injury cases. These kinds of personal injury cases typically occur to customers at a store. The owner(s) of these public properties have the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment. When an owner fails to do this and ends up causing an injury to another individual- they will be held accountable. 
  • Medical malpractice is a more difficult kind of personal injury case, but health care professionals should be held responsible for failing to provide their patients with adequate care. A health care expert can be held liable financially if their lack of proper care causes an illness or injury to a patient. 
  • A dog bite or other injury caused by an animal attack is usually protected under the “Strict Liability” dog bite law in Illinois. Even if the owner did not expect their pet to act in such a way, they are still held responsible for the other party’s injury finances. 

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